Do You Shoparoo?

shoparooThis is hassle-free fundraising at it’s EASIEST! Nothing to clip, nothing to send in, and everyone can participate. Every receipt qualifies to earn money for Spencer School. It’s as easy as:

  1. Shop at any store – grocery store, gas station, club store, drug store, dollar store, restaurant. It doesn’t matter, as long as you have a receipt!
  2. Using the Shoparoo App, SNAP a picture of your receipt. Once uploaded, you will receive Roo points.
  3. Earn money for Spencer School! It’s that simple.

Visit the App Store or Google Play today, and search for “Shoparoo”. Download and install the app. You can even remain anonymous. BONUS: every receipt uploaded is entered into a monthly drawing to win a $1,000 bonus for Spencer School, and a $15,000 annual bonus. Plus there’s occasional surveys that you can answer to add bonus Roo points! For more information, please visit their website: