School Closing Update

There have been many questions surrounding the potential of closing a school for the 2017-2018 academic year. Last night, October 4, 2016, the School Closure Committee met at the Board of Education Conference Room. The committee was tasked to answer three questions:

  1. Do you think a school should be closed?
  2. If a school has to be closed, which school should be closed: Macdonough, or Spencer?
  3. Are there any other items that the Board of Education needs to look at or investigate when discussing as to whether or not a school should be closed?

The results were that the committee felt that a school should NOT be closed. The committee felt as though closing Macdonough would be a more viable option. Also, the committee said that the idea of redistricting should be reconsidered.

Please keep in mind that the committee was only tasked with making these decisions. It’s now up to the Board of Education to decide what needs to be done, if anything. We will have a small discussion about the impending school closure at the PTA Meeting on Wednesday, October 12th in the Spencer Library. We encourage all Spencer Parents to join us, whether you are a PTA member or not. The next BOE meeting will be on Tuesday, October 18th at City Council Chambers, deKoven Drive, Middletown. As of today (October 5) the meeting agenda has not yet been posted. You will be able to find the agenda on the City of Middletown website, or by clicking here.