November PTA Meeting Minutes

Spencer School PTA Regular Meeting Minutes    

Date: 11/13/19 | Time: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM | Location of meeting: Spencer School Library

Board Members Present: President: Missy Hein; Treasurer: Sandy Pinero; Secretary: Lacey Weiss; Fundraising Coordinator: Annie Sansone

Staff Rep: Jen Gudelski (present at board meeting, not at general meeting)

Total present: 12 including board members

President’s report:

Follow up on Traffic concerns – Mr. Henderson has been notified.  January inviting board of ed rep to PTA meeting

Ideas for events that have been requested from PTA members: Fitness Event, Movie Event, Trivia Event. Discussion on how to make these things happen. We have regular events and open to anything new! Help is necessary and appreciated. 

New Fundraiser idea shared – spice fundraiser, low key, ice cream toppings, The Nutmeg spice company

Recess Carts – physically present at meeting to show PTA members, Plans are in place with gym teacher to fill carts up with new playground toys. She also has a plan to train our kids on how to properly care for the carts and equipment on them. Things like sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, etc…

Principal’s report: Look out for community conversations with school district

Budget report – Sandy Pinero, Treasurer

  • Recess carts 50% funded by Donation from Aldi
  • Boo Bash profits are record – 
  • Field trips, 1st grade went – we’ve spent $144, $211
  • Bake sale was successful – we made $581 profit 
  • La Boca night – $36 made 
  • Chipotle – $146

Upcoming planned Events:

Book Fair: 11/19 – 11/22

Pottery Painting Night: 12/6/19

Chuck E. Cheese Family Night: 1/17/20

Someone Special Dance: 2/7/20, snow date 2/21/20

Conversation around February Dance event – Marcia Chairing event and Janice co-chairing event. 

Pottery Painting Event night coming up in December Flyers went out this week

Chuck-e-cheese event happening in January

Meeting dates are planned out for the remainder of the school year: 1/16/20; 2/12/20; 3/16/20; 4/21/20; 5/13/20

Open Discussion: 

Conversation about Lifetouch and questions about how to access sibling pictures, how photographer is chosen for the school, and what the process is. 

Lacey Weiss committed to send an email to Mr. Henderson to ask about how we choose a school photographer and what the agreement is as well as what other options might be available. – done