October PTA Meeting Minutes

Spencer School PTA Regular Meeting Minutes    

Date: 10/15/19 | Time: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM | Location of meeting: Spencer School Library

Board Members Present: President: Missy Hein; Vice President: Nick Ficaro; Treasurer: Sandy Pinero; Secretary: Lacey Weiss; Fundraising Coordinator: Annie Sansone; Staff Rep: Jen Gudelski

Board meeting actions: 

Lacey Weiss moved to approve order of 2 recess carts, $250 grant obtained by PTA President from Aldi Grocery store – PTA to pay difference of carts, Motion second from Nick Ficaro, all in favor of purchase. 

Boo Bash Prizes:

Join a Gym Class – 2;  

Free Recess – 1

CT Science Center tickets – 3; 3 sets of passes for pumpkin carving/decorating contest 

Other prizes announced at meeting: 


Pumpkin carving/decorating contest – voting – 3 categories, 3 colors slips of paper: write Pumpkin # on paper and label each pumpkin; 

11 people preset including board member

Treasurer’s Report: changes from last meeting – We earned $415 from Mondo restaurant night

Pie and cookie dough – we earned $3,700 big jump from last year. 

Boo Bash ticket sales still coming in. 

Classroom supplies we’ve reimbursed $250 so far. 

Special requests: we’re purchasing 2 new recess carts – not yet reflected in budget. 

Membership we have close to 60 members which is more of an annual membership number 


Bake sale is coming up in November

Chipoltle Restaurant night November

Book Fair same week as PT conferences

December Pottery Painting Night – Maybe getting pizza donated

Boo Bash: 

Cafeteria snacks and crafts

Gym, 5 – 6 carnival games

Photo Booooooth

Guessing games: pumpkin weight

Pumpkin decorating contest:  prizes – CT Science center tickets

Janice got – donations, dairy queen family git card – 2 pizza shops gift certificates – Wesleyan bookstore giftcard $25; 3 dealerships, $50 gc for richard chevrolet; Silver city barbershop $25 gc; 

Movie passes and posters:  coming from Isabelle

Music – all good

Game – Donut eating – Janice

Speeding in front of school: Nick suggests drafting a letter; Sean King – rep for our school district, Marco Gaylord representative – got sidewalks for woodrow wilson. 

We’re putting a letter together and get PTA members to send letter individually to reps and board of ed. Nick volunteered to draft a letter. 

Next meeting November 13, 2019 – Wednesday – 

Mentor – Mr. Wynn – All Pro Dad meetings plug – Nov 8th – look for flyers. Kids bring their dads to breakfast, support their kids – just breakfast.